Do you have trouble with the following?
  • Our nozzles clog frequently.
  • Running costs are high due to the use of high-pressure air.
  • Sprayed particles have uneven sizes and distribution.
  • Our nozzles are too loud.
  • We want the best nozzles for our application and operating environment.
  • We want to know if we’re getting the desired benefits.
  • We want to know how we can get the most from our nozzles.

Offering solutions to nozzle problems
with a versatile and comprehensive approach

Liquid Atomizing Nozzle Development,
Design, Manufacture, and Testing

Strengths of Custom Manufacturing

Our nozzles are fully order made.
If using ready‐made nozzles from our catalogs, minor trouble may occur depending on the operating environment, application, or equipment.
With fully order made nozzles, we can design and manufacture nozzles tailored to our customers’ applications, problems, desired benefits, operating environment, and equipment status.We offer a comprehensive solution up to providing customers with evaluation and testing data, and helping our customers optimize nozzle adoption, resolve problems, and get the most from our nozzles.

Problems,Design,Manufacture,Evaluation & testing

Evaluation & Testing

At OHMURA, we carry out in-house evaluation and testing of our custom-made nozzles.

[Test case] Liquid concentration distribution on the cross section 120 mm below the spray hole
Measurement with CT-LDSA (computed tomography)

OHMURA nozzle

[Particle size distribution measurement results]

Frequency, Cumulative, Particle size, Summary data, Value, Mode dia.

Typical atomized particle size measuring equipment

Patternator test equipment
Atomized particle size measuring equipment
Atomized particle size measuring equipment (atomized state)

Typical combustion test equipment

Chamber, silica tube
Entire combustion test equipment
Air blower

Manufactured Part Examples

OHMURA can offer a consistent response to customer needs from the preliminary design stage to evaluation and testing.

Binary Fluid JO Nozzles

High-performance binary fluid spray nozzles developed based on revolutionary atomization principle (annular liquid film atomization)

What is Annular Liquid Film Atomization?

This is a unique development technology used to convert liquid into a thin film not in a cylindrical shape, but in a circular shape, and then atomize the liquid by applying an air current. A swirling air current is generated both on the inner and outer perimeter of the thin liquid film, making clogging difficult, and realizing atomization with high efficiency and with little output.

Conventional binary fluid atomization/Annular liquid film atomization


products photo
Improved atomization performance,Reduced air pressure,Less nozzle clogging,No compressor necessary,Lower running costs,Less noise
As opposed to single fluid nozzles which atomize and spray liquids using only liquid pressure, binary fluid nozzles use gas flow to atomize and spray liquids, achieving finer and better atomization.
With conventional binary fluid nozzles, it was necessary to spray liquids with high-pressure air to achieve atomization, but OHMURA’s unique technology has now made it possible to realize sufficient atomization even with low-pressure air. There is no need to reduce the liquid nozzle diameter.
In addition to having a large liquid nozzle diameter, OHMURA nozzles have an extremely clogging-resistant design realized with the self-cleaning effect produced by the swirling air current inside the nozzle.
Liquid is atomized using a 0.1 MPa blower, meaning that no compressor is necessary. OHMURA nozzles can be adopted with approximately 1/10 the initial investment.
No high-pressure is used, meaning a significant reduction in electricity usage fees and lower running costs.
The use of low-pressure air has resulted in a slower air current jet speed, meaning less noise.


Excellent deposition efficiency

Despite having a high level of atomization, OHMURA nozzles have remarkably high paint deposition efficiency on paint surfaces.

Power required to produce air at 1 m3 per minute

SPN85H Series
Single Fluid Nozzles

OHMURA manufactures single fluid nozzles order made to meet customers’ objectives and resolve their problems.


A design with emphasis on heat resistance has made it possible to install these nozzles in combustion test equipment and actual gas turbines.
Complete with data on atomization characteristics, spray patterns obtained with laser CT spray structure analyzer
Nozzle shape tailored to customers’ applications


OHMURA designs and manufactures nozzles with external appearance and shape to meet the demands of our customers based on the following basic specifications.

Specifications of SPN85H


Custom-made nozzles

Custom-made nozzle with swirler (return valve)

Custom-made nozzle with swirler

Burner nozzle

Applicable Fields
and Nozzles in Use

I didn’t know nozzles could be used for this!
Learn about the possibilities of nozzles from examples of
applicable fields and application examples.

Waste cooking oil combustion spraying

Industrial field: automotive
Adoption benefits: improved conversion of waste cooking oil to fuel, combustion efficiency

High-power mist atomizer

Industrial fields: medical, nursing care, child daycare, public services, etc.
Adoption benefits: disinfection, bacteria elimination, sterilization, deodorization, humidification

Mist sprays (for carry bags, carry carts)

Industrial fields: medical, nursing care, child daycare, public services, etc.
Adoption benefits: disinfection, bacteria elimination, sterilization, deodorization, humidification

Cooling mist

Industrial fields: public services, theme parks, etc.
Adoption benefits: cooling of spaces and ground by sprinkling water in public areas, dramatic effects in parks

Spraying in plastic greenhouses

Industrial field: agriculture
Adoption benefit: optimization of water and pesticide spraying

Spraying in poultry farms

Industrial field: livestock industry
Adoption benefits: deodorization, improving hygienic environment

Static elimination, humidification in plants

Industrial field: manufacturing
Adoption benefit: environmental preservation of clean rooms


Industrial field: construction
Adoption benefit: improved painting work efficiency and finishing

High-quality custom-made nozzles backed by reliable technological capabilities

Choose OHMURA SEISAKUSHO CO., LTD. for your custom manufacturing requirements.
Since our founding in 1930, OHMURA has strived consistently to provide our valued customers with advanced technologies and unrivaled quality in the machining field, and to respond to the diverse needs of our users with unique technologies.
We provide high-quality nozzles to solve our customers’ problems by applying technological capabilities and know-how cultivated in key industries such as automobiles, aviation, and space which are constantly at the forefront of technological innovation.